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Buprenorphine Notices

Notice of Inspection of Controlled Premises
A Notice of Inspection of Controlled Premises (Form DEA-82) must be signed prior to a DATA 2000 inspection. It includes a statement of physicians' rights as well as an authorization to inspect the controlled premises. Use this link to go to a copy of a blank notice form.
Generic Buprenorphine Products
The Buprenorphine Products Manufacturers Group (BPMG) supports updated information on the availability of generic buprenorphine products and manufacturers. This information can be found on the website of the Buprenorphine-containing Transmucosal Products for Opioid Dependence (BTOD) Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS).
SAMHSA Issues Nationwide Public Health Alert Concerning Life Threatening Risk Posed by Cocaine Laced with Veterinary Anti-Parasite Drug
September 18, 2009—SAMHSA is alerting medical professionals, substance abuse treatment centers, and other public health authorities about the risk that substantial levels of cocaine may be adulterated with levamisole—a veterinary anti-parasitic drug. As of this date, there have been approximately 20 confirmed or probable cases of agranulocytosis (a serious, sometimes fatal blood disorder), including two deaths, associated with cocaine adulterated with levamisole. The number of reported cases is expected to increase as information about cocaine adulterated with levamisole is disseminated. Use this link to go to the letter.


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